SHOPCARE will safeguard your shop and business.

From shop contents, business interruption, loss of money, to public liability, the all-round coverage protects your valuable asset at a desireable cost.

Content & Stock

loss or damage to your company stock and content, including business equipment, machinery, Safe and cash register.

Bounce Back to Business

Provide up to HKD750,000 to cover you up in case an unfortunate incident disrupts your business for an extended period of time.

Public Liability

Up to HKD5,000,000 to cover your legal liability to third parties in circumstances arising from your business activities.

Maximum Limit HKD
(1) Shop Content & Stock
a) Shop Content
(i) Business equipment or machinery
$100,000 per item
(ii) Computer equipment
$20,000 per item
20% of Sum Insured per year
(iii) Safe and cash register
$20,000 per year
(iv) Ornamental glass, china, porcelain or work of art
$5,000 per set
(v) Deed, document, card, tape, file or transparency
$5,000 per item
(vi) Wine / spirit
$2,500 per bottle
(vii) Neon signs/signboard(s) and their decorations
$10,000 per year
b) Stock In trade
(i) Article limit
$5,000 per item
Additional Benefit
(i) Seasonal increase for stock (From Dec to Feb)
$100,000 or 5% of stock sum insured whichever is lesser
(ii) Computer Data Records
$20,000 per year
(iii) Removal of Debris
10% of sum insured
(iv) Alternations and Repairs
(Total contract value of the works up to $100,000)
(v) Temporary Removal
$50,000 per year
(vi) Stock In Transit within HKSAR
$30,000 per year
(2) Business Interruption
Increased cost of working (12 months)
$750,000 per year
Additional Benefit
1) Accountant's Fee
$5,000 per year
(3) Loss of Money
1) Loss of non-negotiable money
$500,000 per year
2) Money other than in (1) above
a) Cash in premises out of office hours
(i) In locked safe / strongroom
$30,000 per year
(ii) not in a locked safe / strong room
$3,000 per year
b) Cash in transit in HKSAR or Cash in premises during office hours or in bank night safe
$30,000 per year
Additional Benefit
1) Loss of cash cheque
$10,000 any one occurrence
2) Employees Dishonesty
$5,000 per year
(4) Public Liability
Public Liability
$5,000,000 per year
Additional Benefit
1) Food and Drink (Supplied free of charge)
$1,000,000 per year
2) Damage to rented Premises
$1,000,000 per year
3) Advertising, signs and decoration
$1,000,000 per year
(5) Personal Assault
Employees sustain accidental death or total permanent disablement as a result of robbery or theft
1) at insured premises or
2) in the course of transiting company’s money (Limit: $30,000) within Hong Kong
$50,000 per person /
$200,000 per year
(6) Plate Glass
Plate Glass
$20,000 per year
(7) Employees' Compensation (Optional)
Employees' Compensation
$100,000,000 per event
Additional Benefit
1) Extraordinary Weather Condition
2) Overseas Visiting Extension
Important Notes
Important Notes
  1. The insured company is registered in HKSAR.
  2. Total number of employee(s) is 50 or below.
  3. The insured company fulfills the following conditions:
    1. Does NOT carry out any of the specific businesses or risks
    2. Registered in Hong Kong.
    3. The floor(s), walls and ceiling(s) of the insured premises and place of employment(s) are constructed entirely of brick, stone, cement.
    4. Insured premise NOT located ground floor &/or basement of building and age of building is below 46 years.

Major Exclusions

  1. Strike, riot, lock out, civil commotion or persons taking part in labour disturbances..
  2. Malicious damage by any persons
  3. War & Terrorism Exclusion (including Exclusion for Contamination & Explosives)
  4. Cyber Loss Exclusion Clause
  5. Total Asbestos, Sonic Bangs, Pollution Exclusion
  6. Sanction Limitation and Exclusion
  7. Communicable Disease Endorsement.

*The coverage features above are indicative only.
*Please refer to full policy documents for detailed terms & conditions, exclusions, benefit table and premium in Quote Now.

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