Our private car plan protects you with all-around coverage to drive with peace of mind on the road.

Just Fits Your Needs

Offers comprehensive or third party legal liability cover for your needs.

Additional Benefits

Free extra protections under comprehensive cover

Legal Liability Protection

Protects you against the legal liability for third party bodily injury or death and third party property damage

Maximum Limit (HKD)
Section I – Against loss of or damage to the insured motor car (Applicable to Comprehensive Cover only)
Loss of or damage to the insured motor car
Sum Insured
Additional Benefit
Medical expenses for injuries suffered by the car owner, driver or passengers
$2,000 per year
No Claim Discount (NCD) Protector
$60,000 per year or 15% sum insured whichever is lesser
Windscreen Damage Protector
$4,000 per year
New for Old Replacement Vehicle
(For first hand owner only)
Claim Recovery Services
Roadside Assistance Services
a) 24 Hours Emergency Roadside Assistance
$2,000 per event
b) 24 Hours Towing Service
$2,000 per event
Section II – Against third party legal liabilities
(Applicable to Third Party Legal Liability Cover & Comprehensive Cover)
a) Third party bodily injury
$100,000,000 per year
b) Third party property damage
$2,000,000 per year
Important Notes
Important Notes
  1. All named driver(s) should comply with the following conditions:

(a) aged 25 to 65 years with driving experience of 2 years or above,

(b) hold(s) a valid driving licence,

(c) did not involve in any dangerous driving, drunk driving, drug driving or penalized with driving licence suspension in the past 3 years and

(d) did not incur in any motor accident or motor insurance claim in the past 3 years.

  1. This insurance is only valid for private cars driving within the Geographical Area as specified in the Policy and cover motor accident happened within such area.
  2. The insured vehicle should not be used for the carriage of passengers or goods for hire or reward, driving instruction purposes, racing, pacemaking, reliability, trial speed testing or for any purposes in connection with motor trade.
  3. If the No Claim Discount (NCD) and relevant details provided by the client cannot be verified or it is a copy NCD, our company reserves the right to charge an additional premium for the discrepancy or cancel the policy. This may also affect our claims processing should any claim incurred.
  4. The motor quotation and the terms mentioned above may vary from time to time. Our Company reserves our right to change without prior notice.

*Please refer to full policy documents for detailed terms & conditions, benefit table, exclusions and premium in Quote Now.
*The coverage features above are indicative only.


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